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24-Hour Care

24-hour home care offers seniors the opportunity to age in place, in a familiar home environment surrounded by their cherished memories. Around-the-clock care is a great alternative to assisted living facilities or retirement homes.

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Knoxville At-Home Elder Care Assistance

Hourly Care

Hourly home care is not only used to enhance the lives of our senior clients, but the lives of their families as well. Hourly care can provide family caregivers with time to attend to their own needs and personal obligations.

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Dementia & Alzheimer's

Home Care Assistance proudly trains our caregivers in the Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ so that clients can receive one-to-one cognitive stimulation as well as support with basic care and activities of daily living– at no additional cost.

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Premier Home Care in Knoxville, Tennessee

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website! I am Julie Friend, owner of Home Care Assistance of Knoxville. Our mission at Home Care Assistance is to change the way the world ages, and I started this business because I believe in that mission. No one really relishes the idea of getting older because we associate aging with loss – loss of physical or mental function, loss of independence, loss of quality of life. If we are fortunate to live long enough; however, most of us will reach a point where there are just some things that we no longer do on our own. That doesn’t mean that quality of life has to suffer as well. It just means that we may need a little extra help to continue doing the things we enjoy in life, and that’s where Home Care Assistance comes in.

At Home Care Assistance of Knoxville, we are committed to providing the highest quality home care with caregivers specifically matched to your loved one. All of our caregivers are trained in the Balanced Care MethodTM, a holistic approach to healthy aging based on studies of long-lived adults. This approach to home care stresses healthy activity, proper nutrition and maintenance of social connections to help seniors continue living happy, fulfilling lives.

I have watched family and friends go through the process of finding to home care for older loved ones, so I know it can be a daunting and overwhelming task. At Home Care Assistance of Knoxville, we are here to help. Call us now to learn more about our home care programs and how we can help your loved one continue to live well at home.

Julie Friend

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Need Help Caring for a Loved One? Schedule a Free In-Home Care Consultation!

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Balanced Care Method™ – Our holistic, evidence-based Balanced Care Method™ encourages a nutritious diet, regular physical activity, mental and social stimulation, and cultivating a sense of purpose to promote overall wellbeing and longevity. Learn More

Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ – While all seniors benefit from our science-based Cognitive Therapeutics Method™, it was specifically designed to slow mental decline in seniors with memory impairment through activities targeting attention, visual-spatial perception, language, memory, and executive functioning. Learn More


Knoxville, Tennessee, Caregiver Services

Enabling seniors to live a happy, healthy, and independent lifestyle from the comfort of home.

We believe home care is more than just help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), such as meal preparation, bathing, dressing, transportation to and from medical appointments and light housekeeping. Our proprietary home care approach known as the Balanced Care Method™ offers a comprehensive approach to senior care focused on the mind, body and soul. Loving companionship, exercise, healthy nutrition and socialization are key components of our senior home care plan. We ensure that our senior and elderly clients enjoy a happy, healthy and independent lifestyle in the comfort of their own home.

In short, when you trust us with the care of your senior loved one, we strive and ensure to make a positive impact and put a smile on their face each single day. To discuss our services and how we can bring a positive change to your loved one’s life, please call us at (865) 229-4981 and speak with a care manager now!

Home Care Assistance of Knoxville, Home Health Services, Knoxville, TN

“We were impressed with the balanced approach to care, and their genuine effort to get to know my mom and find a caregiver best suited for her needs.”
— Sessional Instructor
Dept. of Counseling Psychology, UBC

“I cannot really find the words to say how wonderful they were: highly competent, comforting and caring, endlessly patient and reassuring.”
— Dr. Noam Chomsky
Professor Emeritus, MIT

“Home Care Assistance has increased the quality of life for me and my mother. Everyone has been knowledgeable about providing specialty care.”
— Charles and Virgina Cawley
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