4 Tips for Spending Time with Your Senior Outdoors this Spring in Knoxville, TN

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home care in the spring in Knoxville, TN

Now that Spring is officially here, it’s time to start enjoying warmer weather here in Knoxville! This will make it easier for us all to get outside and enjoy the days with our seniors!

With a great home care plan, this will be even easier for you to do.

Read on below for 4 fun tips that will help you get the most of our enjoying the outdoors with your senior this Spring!

Visit Parks Nearby

Parks might be the first thing that comes to find when you consider outdoor activities. Visit the local parks and reservations near you, whether you plan a few miles or a quick loop! Parks are great places to bond with your senior and just enjoy nature.

Need help finding a park near you?

Visit the Parks and Recreation page of Knoxville’s city website.

Walk the Neighborhood

If you don’t have easy access to a local park, that’s okay. Consider going for a walk around your senior’s neighborhood instead! Just make sure you plan ahead in case the sidewalk ends, or if your senior wants to go back home early.

Gardens and Museums

The great thing about gardens and museums is that there is almost always one nearby, whether you’re in a big city or a less populated area! Botanical gardens and art museums usually have outdoor exhibits during the warmer months, making them great spots to spend time with your senior and learn something new!

Eat Lunch Outside

If your senior isn’t up for physical activity, have a lunch or picnic outside! You can enjoy lunch from a backyard, patio, or balcony. Just soaking up the sun a bit outside will make your senior happy.

Bonus Tip:

Why stop at lunch? You can also bring out your senior’s favorite board game or a deck of cards! Playing games will make for fun memories with your senior.

One of our goals at Home Care Assistance is to make sure your senior’s life doesn’t have to change too much. That’s why we offer customized home care plans so your senior can still enjoy their lifestyle of choice! Schedule your consultation with us today to learn about our flexible home care options.

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