5 Ways To Keep Seniors Healthy During Flu Season 2020

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With spring right around the corner, it unfortunately means something else is peeking at us, too… Flu season 2020 is here, and it’s time for your senior loved one to take special measures to prevent catching this sickness! Sadly, seniors are more likely to contract the flu because they have weaker immune systems. However, catching the flu is preventable if you take our advice below! At the very least, your senior can reduce the length and severity of the flu if they follow our 5 tips.

Get Plenty of Exercise

The main goal to prevention is boosting the immune system as much as possible. Encourage your senior to get regular exercise in order to achieve this! Getting plenty of exercise, like going on a walk once a day, can reduce your senior’s risk of catching the flu by a third.

Wash Your Hands

Remind your senior to wash their hands frequently. Washing with regular soap is a great way to keep the germs away! Some basic rules of thumb are to rub the hands vigorously together for at least 20 seconds and to wash all over – under the fingernails, between the fingers, the backs of the hands, and the wrists. Carrying hand sanitizer is a great alternative when they do not have access to soap or water.

Get the Flu Vaccine

The flu vaccine will help your senior reduce their risk of catching the flu, so encourage them to get it! Experts suggest getting the vaccine in October or November, but any time of the year will still be helpful. If your senior should contract the flu, the vaccine can lessen the severity and length of the illness.

Keep Your Environment Clean

Keeping the home clean is just as important as keeping seniors’ hands clean! Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom. You’ll want to use a good disinfectant in these rooms and really wipe down doorknobs, countertops, and light switches – the items we touch the most with our hands!

Drink Your Fluids

It’s so important for your senior to keep hydrated! Have them drink beverages like water and hot tea often to keep their nasal passages moist. This will help them trap germs and prevent them from spreading.

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