About Our Staff

About Our Staff

Julie Friend - Owner

Julie Friend – Owner and Client Care Manager

Julie came to east Tennessee several years ago with her job as a chemical engineer with DuPont. In her nearly 16-year career there, as well as the years in school leading up to that, she worked on developing processes and products that would positively impact human health and the environment. For most of her DuPont career, she was part of a team developing a process to produce biofuels for transportation. Both the production process and the fuels were more environmentally friendly compared to petroleum-derived gasoline and improved energy security by reducing dependence on foreign oil.
When her work site was closed, she decided that she wanted to stay in the area and take her career in a new direction. In her quest to determine that direction, she came across Home Care Assistance and knew she wanted to bring this service to the Knoxville area. The Home Care Assistance mission, “Changing the Way the World Ages,” really spoke to her, and their programs, such as the Balanced Care Method™ and Cognitive Therapeutics Method™, really set them apart in her mind. The holistic care approach to support a client’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs is what she would want for her own parents and other older relatives, and she and her team are committed to bringing the same level of service to clients as they would expect to be provided to their own loved ones. They look forward to changing the way Knoxville ages and helping area seniors live well at home!

Philip Moore- Employee Care Manager

Philip Moore – Employee Care Manager

Philip comes to Home Care Assistance with over twenty years in the healthcare field. He started as a counselor working with emotionally and behaviorally troubled children while attending the University of Memphis. After moving around for a few years, Philip discovered working with seniors was his true calling and decided to make Knoxville his home after being chased out of Mobile, AL, by hurricane Ivan.
Inspired by his mother, who was the choir director at their church, he has seen how music is one of the greatest therapies for aging and is passionate about bringing music and art into the lives of seniors in any way possible. Philip himself enjoys music and started playing piano when he was 5 years old and guitar at the age of 12. His passion for bringing music and art to the lives of seniors was a natural fit with Home Care Assistance’s holistic approach to healthy aging.
As Employee Care Manager, Philip’s main goal is to ensure that the staff we place in the home with your loved ones would be the kind of person that he would allow to take care of his own mother and father. They must be the best!

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