Affordable In Home Care Services Right In Alcoa, TN

Choosing the right in home care services for your aging loved one can be easy with Home Care Assistance Alcoa, TN. We provide our services right in your area and are always available to assist our clients and their families.

We offer personalized, flexible care plans and schedule that work for the client, so with us, you can plan your loved one’s care in accordance with your schedule, needs, and routines. Our caregivers are reliable, experienced, and professional individuals who wish to make a real difference in the community, assisting seniors not only with physical tasks and daily activities but providing them with meaningful companionship and encouraging them to remain mentally and socially active whenever possible.

Before becoming a part of our lovely team in Alcoa, TN, all potential candidates go through psychological assessments and a series of interviews. We check their backgrounds and references too. As we only want the best for our clients, we are very strict when it comes to hiring new people, so it may not come as a surprise that only one out of 25 applicants gets the job.

Our in home care services cover virtually all activities of daily living, ranging from medication reminders and meal preparation to housekeeping, running errands, and transportation in the area.

If you are your loved one’s caregiver or if they need just some basic assistance around the house, you can opt for our respite care or hourly care.

With hourly care, you are in complete control of when a caregiver will visit your loved one and for how long they will stay at their home. With respite care, family caregivers can rest and recharge their batteries knowing their loved ones are in safe hands while they are away.

For clients with more advanced care needs or requests, we are also able to accommodate 24-hour care, which can give your family the ultimate peace of mind.

We also offer specialized in home care programs, including:

  • Dementia care, assisting seniors with cognitive and memory problems and allowing them to remain at home regardless of the severity of their symptoms
  • Alzheimer’s care, supporting seniors with the most common type of dementia and making sure they are safe and mentally stimulated as they maintain their routine in the comfort of their home
  • Stroke care, helping seniors during the recovery process after a stroke and ensuring they have all they could possibly need for a successful recovery
  • Parkinson’s care, assisting seniors diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and enabling them to maintain or elevate their independence and enjoy a higher quality of life
  • Palliative Care, supporting older adults with a limited life expectancy and their families during this difficult, challenging time
  • Post-hospital care, helping seniors recover at home following a hospital stay due to an illness, injury or surgery

Give us a call today to learn more about our services and schedule your free consultation with one of our team members!