Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge

Professional Home Care Services in Oak Ridge, TN

Oak Ridge is a place that keeps seniors engaged in all kinds of events and activities, indoor as well as outdoor. People who live here are able to visit museums, historic sites, go fishing or hiking and enjoy beautiful parks. Here at Home Care Assistance, we want to keep our clients engaged in various activities and help them enjoy all the things this town has to offer. Home Care Assistance offers a variety of home care services so our clients always get the type of care they need.

Our trained caregivers are able to provide care for a few days a week, on a full-time or 24-hour basis, depending on your loved one’s needs. If your loved one needs assistance with everyday activities, our home care providers can help them with bathing, grooming, light housekeeping, and many other tasks.

 We are proud to offer personalized home care services in Oak Ridge, TN.

Stroke Care

Seniors who have suffered a stroke may find everyday tasks challenging due to physical and mental consequences of this medical condition.  Nevertheless, our dedicated caregivers can offer your parent a helping hand and assist them with personal tasks, meal preparation, light housekeeping, transportation, and exercising.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Here at Home Care Assistance, we understand that seniors who have Alzheimer’s disease and dementia need a type of care that will increase their mental health and improve their quality of life. Out home care providers specialize in Alzheimer’s care and are trained to provide the type of care your loved one needs.

Parkinson’s Care

In order to maintain their independence, older adults who have Parkinson’s disease need a special type of home care. Our home care providers will assist your parent with everyday tasks, provide transportation, run errands and keep an eye on your senior to prevent accidents.

Post-Hospital Care

When seniors are discharged from a hospital, they need a safe and peaceful environment in which they can fully recover. Whether your loved one needs assistance with walking, exercise, social interaction, wheelchair and bed transfers, or maintaining personal hygiene, we are here to help.

Home Care Assistance Is Here For You: If you want to know more about our home care services, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (865) 229-4981. We will gladly meet with you and your loved one and create a personalized care plan tailored to their specific needs.

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