Seqouyah Hills, TN

Seqouyah Hills, TN

Quality Senior Care Options in Sequoyah Hills, TN

Situated by the bend of the Tennessee River is Sequoyah Hills, TN. Here you’ll enjoy an affluent neighborhood, with several parks, scenic drives, and plenty of rich history. As one of the most desirable residential areas, your loved one can enjoy aging comfortably while living here. You will learn more about the prestigious standards held by Home Care Assistance and the specialized services we offer below.

Providing quality senior care services that your loved one needs: That’s what it’s all about here at Home Care Assistance. We believe in allowing your loved one to age at peace in the comfort of their own home, right in Sequoyah Hills. Helping seniors achieve happiness and healthiness with our specialty care options is our goal.

We not only offer your typical senior care services, but we also take pride in providing customizable and individualized senior care plans. These are carefully constructed based upon your loved one’s health, wellness, and medical needs. You can choose from services on an hourly basis to fit your senior’s schedule, or care can be provided 24/7.

Next comes perhaps the most important step: Matching your senior up with one of our caregivers. We go the extra mile to make sure we select the right caregiver for your senior, ensuring they have the training and experienced needed to properly care for them.

We have a thorough process that helps us do this. We are very specific – We only hire 1 in 25 applicants! Each caregiver at Home Care Assistance has underwent a comprehensive interview, complete background, a reference check, and a psychological examination. They have proven that they are fit to provide the senior care that is necessary and deserved. Additionally, each caregiver is bonded and insured.

If your loved needs specialized senior care services, we have many to choose from in Sequoyah Hills, TN:

Alzheimer’s Care: For seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, the most common type of dementia, we offer special support to help improve their quality of life.

Stroke Care: We help your loved one recover to the best of their ability if they have recently suffered from a stroke.

Parkinson’s Care: Parkinson’s Disease is debilitating, and thus seniors diagnosed with it need very specific care; we help them deal with the challenges that come along with Parkinson’s.

Hospice Care: Hospice care offers seniors the support and comfort they need during the last stage of their lives, in the comfort of their own home

Post Hospital Care: This type of senior care helps to make speedy and full recoveries after recent hospital stays.

If you’re considering senior care for an aging loved one, contact Home Care Assistance of Knoxville today!

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