Live-In or 24 Hour Home Care

Live-In or 24 Hour Home Care

A Leading Provider of 24 Hour Home Care for Knoxville Seniors

Live-in 24 hour home care service offers the highest level of support for seniors, allowing them to remain at home in relaxed and familiar surroundings. A professional live-in caregiver remains with the senior at all times, meeting the senior’s non-medical care needs with one-on-one assistance that is catered specifically to the senior’s abilities and limitations.

At Home Care Assistance of Knoxville, TN, we believe this approach to in-home elderly care supports the goal of aging in place while encouraging the senior to maintain independence, dignity, and a purpose in life.

25 Hour Home Care Helps Seniors Remain Safe & Comfortable

At Knoxville Home Care Assistance, live-in care is our specialty. Our highly trained Care Managers work with families to develop a unique care plan that meets the highly individualized wishes and needs of each senior client and his or her family.

As your loved one’s care needs change, his or her care plan can be easily adapted to meet his or her current needs. 24 hour home care is arranged on the client’s terms so there is no interruption or change in normal routines such as mealtimes, outings, and bathing, sleeping, and waking times. This highly effective program helps seniors maintain consistency in their lives and provides families with peace of mind. It also makes many seniors more receptive to care so their home is a safe and more comfortable place to enjoy the golden years.

Our Live-In Elderly Caregivers Are Experienced and Expertly Trained

If your elderly loved one needs live-in care, it is important to find a caregiver who is well-equipped to meet a variety of needs.

Home Care Assistance Knoxville’s live-in and 24-hour home caregivers are highly-vetted industry professionals with a wide range of experience. Additionally, they receive ongoing training in our proprietary care programs, including the Balanced Care Method (BCM) and Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM). Both programs are designed to enhance mental and physical health, encourage longevity, and give seniors a sense of purpose. The principles taught in BCM and CTM can be incorporated into our clients’ care plans free of charge and used in their homes to provide the most effective and holistic live-in care program available anywhere.

If you are searching for the right live-in caregiver for an aging loved one, consider Home Care Assistance in Knoxville. Our goal is to provide the information you need to feel comfortable and confident in your live-in home care decision. To learn more about our elder care programs, call us at (865) 229-4981 and request a free evaluation.

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