Post-Hospital Care from Home Care Assistance in Knoxville, TN

Post-Hospital Care from Home Care Assistance in Knoxville, TN

Post-Hospital Care Ensures a Safe Recovery at Home for Seniors Living Near Knoxville, TN and the Surrounding Area

Delayed recovery after surgery or hospital re-admission usually happens because the person doesn’t get the professional home caregiver they need. In case your senior loved one has recently been hospitalized or will soon go to the surgery, you might want to think about getting them post-hospital care.

At Home Care Assistance in Knoxville, TN we understand how hard for you and your loved one hospitalization may be, so we want to make their transition back home as easy as possible. Our goal is to do all in our power so that seniors avoid hospital re-admissions.

Our specialized post-hospitalization caregiver providers encourage a safe and faster recovery period for seniors, while also giving peace of mind to their family.

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Focused Post-Hospital Care for a Smooth Transition Back to Home

After your senior gets back home from the hospital, they will need all the care, support, and help they can get. The period that follows is critical for your senior in every way. Which is why they will need help with everyday tasks. Our specialized post-hospitalization caregivers allow the senior to focus on getting back on track.

Here are some of the post-hospital care services we offer:

  • Creating a positive and encouraging environment to boost recovery
  • Providing a healthy diet, social interaction, and physical exercise
  • Help with personal hygiene (grooming, bathing, and toileting)
  • Completing various household chores
  • Assistance with walking, wheelchair and bed transfers

Post-Hospital Care for Safe and Fast Recovery Period

Statistics show that 35% of seniors go back to the hospital 90 days after being discharged. Usually, the reason is that seniors didn’t follow the doctor’s instructions for recovery and take medication as prescribed. But, post-hospital care helps seniors do what they have to in order to recover fully.

Here’s how our specialized post-hospital care helps clients dodge re-admission:

  • Personalized recovery plan
  • Supporting clients in therapy exercises
  • Providing transportation to follow-up appointments
  • Providing a healthy diet and meal preparation to enhance clients’ well-being

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Every client has their own needs, desires, hobbies, and lifestyle. That’s why our post-hospital care plans are tailored to our client’s needs. Call (865) 229-4981 to speak with a Caregiver Manager today and experience a faster and more comfortable post-hospital recovery for you or a loved one.

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