Elder Care for Stroke Recovery from Home Care Assistance in Knoxville, TN

Elder Care for Stroke Recovery from Home Care Assistance in Knoxville, TN

At Home Elder Care and Stroke Recovery Services Available in Knoxville and the Surrounding Area

Feelings of anger, frustration, and uncertainty are common following a stroke. Often, the best way to overcome these emotions is to return to as normal a life as possible and work toward regaining independence.

This requires support from family and other loved ones.

While well-intentioned, many family members are not capable of meeting the increased needs of an elderly stroke survivor. Therefore, professional in-home elder care is often central to a safe and effective recovery at home. Home Care Assistance of Knoxville, TN, is a leading provider of high-quality post-stroke care.

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Elder Care Providers Make Recovery Less Challenging

At Knoxville Home Care Assistance, our highly trained elder care providers are prepared to take on the many challenges involved in stroke recovery.

Each professional understands the unique needs of stroke survivors and is ready to step in any time of day or night to provide supervision, assistance, and support, including:
• Meal preparation following the guidelines of a doctor or nutritionist
• Assistance and encouragement with physical therapy
• Transportation to medical appointments
• Mobility assistance and supervision
• Medication reminders
• Personal care
• Ensuring safety during transfers
• Communication with family and medical professionals
• Companionship and encouragement for housebound seniors

Rehabilitation Is Crucial for Stroke Survivors

The stroke rehabilitation process typically includes learning new skills and relearning old ones as well as taking an active approach toward healing. The road to recovery might be long, and there are sometimes setbacks along the way. Home Care Assistance Knoxville understands these challenges.

Our care plans are developed to meet the exact needs of stroke survivors, focusing on the tasks they need assistance with the most and giving them every advantage when it comes to reaching their personal rehabilitation goals. As the senior’s needs change, the care plan can be easily adapted to meet these changes. If an emergency arises, we are always there to help. Families take confidence in knowing our stroke care providers are in the home and available to assist when their loved ones need them most.

If your aging loved one has experienced a stroke, provide the support he or she needs throughout recovery. Call Home Care Assistance at (865) 229-4981 to speak with a qualified Care Manager, learn more about our flexible programs, and schedule a free in-home consultation.

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