Cell Phones for Seniors: Why Every Older Adult in Knoxville, TN Should Have a Mobile Device

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Think about this: Who do you know who does NOT have a smartphone or mobile device? You are probably wracking your brain and have come up with one or two people. It’s not very common that someone does not have a mobile phone these days!

But for many seniors in the Knoxville area, this is exactly the case. Yet mobile devices can provide so many benefits for those in senior care! Home Care Assistance believes that every older adult should have one, and here are several reasons why.

Staying Entertained

If your senior loved one bores easily in senior care, then a smartphone or mobile device could be an answer of entertainment for them. Smartphones let you browse anything you could possibly want at any time! Seniors can have their pick of thousands of games to stimulate their minds, and they can listen to music or audiobooks whenever they’d like.

Keeping in Touch

It is now easier than ever before to be in constant communication with anyone thanks to the smart phone’s technology. For seniors, this is a huge benefit! Having the ability to easily send a text or make a video call can help prevent feelings of loneliness or isolation, which are unfortunately common for older adults in senior care. But mobile devices these days come with larger screens and voice commands that make keeping in touch easier to do. These features can also be lifesaving. Should a senior find themselves in danger, making an emergency call is a less daunting task.

Controlling Other Smart Devices

For seniors who have issues with mobility, learning technology, or memory function, smartphones can lend a helping hand. By being able to control other smart devices throughout the home, seniors only have to learn to use one device – their phone! With apps, tasks like getting up to find the remote, turning the lights on and off, and changing the thermostat become obsolete. Seniors can relax more and stress less around the house.

Ready to learn more about mobile phone benefits for seniors and our senior care services? Reach out to our expert caregivers here at Home Care Assistance of Knoxville! Let’s schedule your consultation and begin building a personalized care plan.

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