Connecting Generations: How Young People are Helping Older Adults Stay Social

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In this day and age, technology is second nature to generations like iGen, Generations Z and X, and Millennials. But senior citizens sometimes struggle to keep up with the technological advancements, and often can be left behind completely. Fortunately for seniors who in senior care, they may have children or grandchildren who can teach them to stay social.

Use the tips below to show your senior how they can become just as social as you!

To begin, show your senior the value of staying social. You can demonstrate how easy it is to video chat with a longtime friend or reply to an email thread started by a family member. When you do these things with them, it will help your senior to understand technology’s value and everything it has to offer!

Your senior is likely not familiar with all the many terms and phrases that come along with technology, so using them won’t be very useful. Instead, help your senior understand the language of technology by breaking things down into simpler analogies they can relate to.

Make sure you are taking things slow and not trying to rush your explanations and demonstrations. Although things like using your phone and tablet are habitual to you, they aren’t going to be as easy to get a hang of for your loved one in senior care. So, take your time going through the motions of everything you’re teaching your senior!

If you find that your senior is having trouble remembering how to use their technology, write it down for them. Remember that forgetfulness can be a part of the aging process, so they may not remember important details you show them. Instead, jot down some simple instructions they can refer to when you are not around to help them.

While it can sometimes be frustrating teaching new technology to a novice, remind yourself to just be patient with your senior. Being patient is a simple gesture that will show your senior just how much you care for them, while simultaneously allowing them to learn to use technology at their own pace.

It may take several demonstrations or explanations for your senior to catch on to what you’re teaching them, so just stay consistent. Spend time going through the same motions and processes several times so your senior will better memorize them.

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