Five Key Questions Home Care Clients Should Ask at a Checkup

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Getting your routine checkup with your doctor isn’t always something you look forward to, but you should as you get older! If you’re currently enrolled in home care services, your routine visits become more and more important to make sure you’re staying healthy.

When you visit your doctor for your next checkup this year, be sure to ask them these five key questions that will help keep you feeling good! Bring your notepad and write down your doctor’s answers.

What screening tests do I need?

Checking your blood pressure and cholesterol levels is already on your doctor’s list during your annual checkup. But you might consider asking them if they feel any other screen testing might be necessary for you, such as prostate exams for men and mammograms for both men and women.

What should I be eating – or not eating?

If you’re struggling with weight, blood pressure, or cholesterol levels, ask your doctor if they recommend a change in your diet. Nutrition is key to a healthy life!

How’s my weight?

Concerned about your weight? Weight can affect your health and risk for disease. Your doctor may suggest healthy ways for you to shed a few pounds so you can begin to feel better.

What should I do before my next visit?

Asking your doctor about making goals before your next visit can help you to accomplish them! Whether your goal is to lose weight or exercise more, think about your next checkup as a milestone to see how much progress you have made.

When do I need to see a doctor again?

The only people who should decide when it’s right for YOU to visit your doctor next is you and your doctor. There is no rule that says checkups must just be annual visits.

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