Home Care in 10 Years: The Trends and Predictions

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Home care is changing, and there are going to be many new things to expect in the next 10 years. Much like our economy, senior home care has had its ups and downs, and now we’re looking at several trends that will take place very soon. Some of these include different housing options for seniors to support their independence, more “senior-friendly” homes, and housing with greater technology and amenities made available.

To get a better idea of how life will change for the senior American using home care services, take a look at these top trends, predictions, and changes we’re anticipating:

More Amenities for Seniors

Soon assisted living facilities will begin to revamp the programs they offer to include cultural events, educational services, and new fitness classes for seniors. New offerings will serve to cater to a new wave of seniors looking for more progressive amenities.

Green Senior Living

Investments in eco-friendly homes are great for the environment, but they also do wonders for keeping costs low for seniors! Less utilities, less money spent. Green living will be a great way for seniors to stay environmentally conscious, too.

Senior Co-Housing

Co-housing for seniors is gaining popularity among alternative housing options for seniors in home care. This is because communes allow seniors to lead independent lives in their own homes, yet they can socialize in shared spaces, like gardens and recreational facilities. Seniors are also actively taking part in the community by being involved in any community decisions.

More Technology

While today it may feel like there is a gap between seniors and technology, the same will not be true for very much longer. We can expect technology in more senior homes. Having options like computer systems in the home that will relay medication logs and vitals wirelessly to both a senior’s family and doctors will revolutionize the home care industry!

Less Nursing Home Models

We’re going to be seeing even more of the same trend now: Seniors want to live independently and in their own homes rather than in a nursing home. With lower cost options and the ability to have customized programs – like memory care services – home care services are taking the forefront with a decline in nursing homes services.

To begin the process of mapping out a home care plan that works for you and your senior, please call Home Care Assistance to schedule your consultation!

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