Home Care Options for Seniors with Disabilities

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Home Care for Seniors with Disabilities

Here’s a quick fact: 25% of senior Americans, ages 65 – 74, are living with a disability.

The aging process naturally brings its own challenges at various points, but living as a disabled senior has its own unique sets of challenges. That’s why Home Care Assistance wants to tell you about home care options your disabled senior may have to help them continue living life independently.

Let’s learn about the types of disabilities many seniors struggle with daily.

Types of Disabilities

Physical: The majority of disabled seniors suffer with disabilities that involve mobility limitations, meaning that having available home care options become increasingly important.

Sensory: Sensory disabilities affect seniors’ senses, like loss of hearing or blindness.

Intellectual: If your senior has intellectual disabilities, they have difficult communicating, learning, and retaining information.

Mental: Mental disabilities may cause changes in seniors’ behaviors, emotional state, and thinking.

 Home Care Options

Now, it’s time to learn about various home care services that can help disabled seniors. We start by breaking services down to two categories: basic and advanced needs.

Basic Needs

Basic needs consist of needing help with common everyday tasks, like housekeeping, cooking meals, bathing, taking medications, transportation, and grocery shopping.

Advanced Needs

Advanced needs are typically reserved for seniors who, in addition to a disability, may also suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia and Parkinson’s Disease, or who need help with stroke after care, recovering after a hospital stay, and hospice services.

Whether your senior requires basic needs, advanced needs, or both – One thing is certain: Home Care Assistance is here to help your senior and the whole family. We make sure we are flexible. We provide these services on an hourly basis to fit your senior’s schedule, or around-the-clock.

If you would like to learn more about the home care options available for your senior, please call Home Care Assistance today for your consultation!

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