How to Build a Relationship with Your In-Home Caregiver

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Have a parent or grandparent using in home care services?

If you do, then you probably have a caregiver that you interact with often. But sometimes, it can be hard to connect and build a relationship with that person. We’re suggesting a few ways for you to help create a positive connection between you and your family’s caregiver!

Below are 3 ways for you to begin building a solid relationship with your senior’s caregiver:

Make Sure They are the Right Fit

Choosing the right caregiver is the first and most important step when towards starting off the relationship on the right foot and ensuring your senior receives the best in home care. If at first you do not feel connected with the caregiver, or if you feel they are not a good fit with your family, it may be best to move and choose another caregiver. You can help pick the best possible caregiver by sharing your senior’s likes and dislikes, and their medical background and history with them.

Start a Conversation

Communicating early on in the relationship and frequently with your caregiver should be a top priority. Doing so will help your caregiver understand what is expected of them as well as build trust and avoid any misunderstandings. If a caregiver knows what is expected of them while performing their in home care responsibilities, then they will be more likely to have a positive experience when working with your senior and family.

But, Be Respectful of Their Privacy

While we absolutely encourage excellent communication, we also suggest being respectful of their privacy and personal life. You may be curious to ask them personal questions, however, it is wise to be respectful of their personal life so they can always feel comfortable around you. This helps to establish professional boundaries and respect your private life, too. Try these topics of conversation that do not cross the line instead of asking about their personal life:

  • What are the caregiver’s hobbies?
  • What kind of food, books, or movies does the caregiver enjoy?
  • Why did the caregiver choose this profession?
  • Where is the caregiver from?

If you’re thinking about enrolling your senior in personalized in home care services, feel free to call Home Care Assistance to schedule your consultation! Together we will develop a care plan that’s right for your family.

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