How to Know if Your Loved One Needs In-Home Senior Care

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Five key signs you may need senior care in Knoxville, TN

Trying to decide whether or not your loved one needs in-home senior care can be difficult. Something that is helpful is understanding exactly what it is and how it works. In-home senior care allows seniors to age comfortably in their own home for as long as possible while receiving care, instead of being placed in a facility. Depending on your senior’s needs, in-home care can be provided 24/7 or on selected days and times each week.

When choosing what kind of in-home care your loved one needs, services range from non-medical help (assistance with cleaning, cooking, running errands, bathing, etc.), medical assistance, and socialization, which is to provide companionship. With this information, we can confront the big question: How do we know when our loved one needs in-home senior care?

Here are several big signs that will let you know when it’s time:

Memory Loss

If you notice your loved one experiencing forgetfulness – maybe they haven’t been opening their mail or paying bills – then these could be signs of memory loss. Having in-home care could provide helpful check-ins.

Loss of Interest and Low Energy

Is your loved one’s energy level on low? If they seem slower or sluggish, this could be a sign it’s time for in-home care. Or, if you notice they have lost interest in their activities and hobbies, this could even be a sign that leads to depression.

Poor Health or Recent Accidents

Has your loved one experienced a recent medical scare? Or have they taken a fall or had an accident? If so, in-home care may be needed to ensure that another accident doesn’t happen again. As your senior ages, the likelihood of more accidents increases.

Changes in Cleanliness and Organization

When was the last time you visited your loved one? Did you notice if they were clean? Were their clothes clean? How was the state of the house – Did you see clutter or disorganization? These are things to keep an eye out for.

Not Leaving the House

If your loved one does not leave their house for days at a time, it might be time for in-home care. This is because they could be too scared to drive anymore or use public transportation by themselves.

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