Innovations in Home Care Technology

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Older adult with smart phone in Knoxville, TN

Innovative technologies are changing the future of home care for aging adults. Fall prevention has already been improved with detection devices that monitor safety and security for people at home. If Grandma doesn’t get out of bed by a predetermined time of day, a silent alarm can be triggered for her to be checked on. New motion sensors are for more than home security. Sensors are so sensitive that they can determine whether someone in the home is sitting, standing, or has just fallen down. New wearable devices can monitor health status, blood glucose, blood pressure and diet. Memory aids can keep people living independently longer than before. It seems there really is an app for everything. Technology is rapidly developing, and the elderly can now connect with caregivers on a screen, by voice, or at the touch of a button.

Health technology is booming, enabling more adults to age in place longer, as they almost always prefer to do. Billions of dollars are invested into technological advances for home care. Mobile devices can quickly connect health and emergency response teams to patients or caregivers, allowing the fastest communication, which makes patients feel empowered and independent. Additionally, technology brings a considerable cost savings to home care for aging adults. It’s easy to schedule appointments via internet, set virtual appointments, fill or change prescriptions, or do a video chat with a doctor, nurse or health coach.

The biggest focus for prevention of disease seems to be monitoring and diagnostics with technology to help with stress reduction and lifestyle changes that can impact our future health and wellness.

Other advances can assist people with prescription medications. This can be especially helpful to people who have impaired memory or mental illness. There is facial-recognition technology that only allows medications to be properly dispensed in the home, eliminating a home care assistant to provide the dose. Also, there are ingestible devices that can track whether a pill has been taken. “Smart pill bottles” are another advancement for home care, providing the necessary dose of medication at the right time.

All ages are benefitting from these newfangled devices, with health data and activities monitored for personal use and for sharing with medical teams.

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