Senior Care Options: Adult Day Care vs Home Care

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Adult Day Care or Senior Care in Knoxville, TN

Do you have an aging loved one depending on you for wellness decisions? Being responsible for an older adult’s welfare can be a daunting task. Today there are so many options for senior care that you may have to sift through a great deal of information to discover what is best for your family member or dear friend.

For example, senior living centers are popping up in every community. However, there are in-home solutions and adult day cares that may be better solutions. How can you make a good decision? First, start by learning the differences between in-home care and daycare. Perhaps one of these simpler options will help you so your loved one won’t have to move.

What is in-home senior care?

Aging adults typically prefer to have their senior care provided comfortably at home. Most people want to age in place if it’s possible. This needed in-home care might be either non-medical care or medical care. Medical care is also often called skilled care. Running errands, light housekeeping, cooking or prepping meals, and bathing are all considered non-medical care, but skilled care providers can offer medical assistance in addition to the above list.

With in-home care, a senior can have 24-hour care at home by caregivers who are either hired privately or are employees of an accredited agency. Professional companionship offers the important additional benefit of needed socialization and meaningful conversation. Occasional in-home senior care may be enough for an older adult to be self-sufficient and live life happily and independently. Other situations might require a mix of senior care at home and adult day care.

What is adult day care?

Community or private centers that offer adult day care can be great mental stimulation for older adults. They provide necessary social interaction and daily activities to make life more fun. There are some senior care centers that also offer physical therapy and medication assistance. Since adult day care is usually only open during the day, the hours may not match what is needed and in-home could then be the better solution.

Call your Home Care Assistance office near you today. Inquire about senior care options for your loved one. Our caring staff will be happy to explain medical care, non-medical care, memory care, post-hospital care, and advanced care options available for you in your particular situation.

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