Senior Care Trend: When Grandkids are Caring for Grandparents

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Think about the word “caregivers.” What comes to your mind?

It’s probably not the Millennial generation. In that case, it might surprise you to find out that those ages 20 – 34, Millennials, are now becoming “primary” caregivers. They are a fast-growing group as their parents are stepping into the role of the “secondary” caregiver.

Right now, approximately 5.3 million grandchildren are caring for their grandparents, which is to say that 1 in 12 caregivers is a Millennial. The average Millennial caregiver is 27 years old and could be either male or female.

Millennials are already starting to take over the responsibilities required as the primary caregiver to give their grandparents the senior care they need.

Why the shift?

Here are some of the main reasons why Millennials are the ones providing senior care:

They are Supportive and Compassionate

This reason is simple: Millennials are supportive and compassionate towards the older member of their family. They want to be there for their grandparents.

A Parent or Grandparent has Passed Away

If a parent or grandparent has recently passed away, it is likely that they were to have been the primary caregiver. Now, the Millennial will step into this role instead.

They See a Reciprocal Relationship

Millennials want to provide senior care for their grandparents. Why? Because their grandparents took care of them as a child. They like spending time with their grandparents because they know they will miss them when they are gone.

Below are a few ways Millennials are providing senior care for their grandparents:

They Want to Bond

Millennials like to stay in touch with their grandparents by sending them mail frequently, or even through electronic communication if their grandparents use it. They like to learn their grandparents’ interests and hobbies so that they can one day pass them down to their own children.

Helping with Errands and Chores

As driving, memory, and mobility all may become challenges as we age, tasks like housework and errands also become more difficult. Millennials are helping provide transportation, running errands, and household chores for their grandparents, such as cooking, cleaning, hygiene, paying bills, and sorting mail.

Although Millennials are happy to provide senior care for their grandparents, their role as a primary caregiver can still be stressful. Millennial caregivers sacrifice their social life, schooling, and careers, and they need their own support, too.

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