Social Distancing for Your Loved One: Teaching Your Loved One to Use Skype

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Coronavirus has interrupted our daily lives and routines, and we’re changing the way we communicate with our family, friends, and co-workers drastically. Technology is now more essential than never as we’re dependent upon texting, phone calls, and video chats to keep in touch with and see the people that we miss. Our senior citizens are high-risk and most susceptible to catching corona virus, so it’s incredibly important that they keep in touch with their family and friends by virtual means. It’s a great idea to teach them a video chat platform, like Skype, to stay social. You can teach them how by following our tips below!

Make it Simple

Don’t overcomplicate making a Skype video call. One of the best things you can do for your senior is to keep this process as simple as possible! Teach them the basics and make sure to use language they can understand. Focus on showing them how to locate the Skype icon on either their phone or computer, how to locate the person they wish to call, and completing the process of making a video call.

Write it Down

Write down these steps once you’ve outlined your basic Skype tutorial for your seniors. It’s a good idea to have a physical list they can consult should they forget a step in the process of making a video call, even if they may currently be able to recall this process from memory.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

After you have gone through the Skype process a few times with your senior, you should have them physically repeat these steps on their own with no guidance from you. This process should begin to feel habitual for them, and they’ll be less likely to forget how to use Skype.

Extra Advice

During the process of teaching your senior, it’s helpful to make comparisons they can relate with. Show them that locating a person to call on Skype is much like finding someone in their physical address book. If your senior is getting confused or irritated, slow down, take a break, and answer any questions. Be sure they know how to use their volume keys for hearing conversations and ending a video call once they’ve said goodbye.

If you would like further guidance on keeping in touch with your senior loved one, Home Care Assistance is here for you. Call and chat with our experts today!

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