Top Tips to Help Seniors Lower Their Fall Risks

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There is absolutely nothing too good for your senior loved in home care! We understand that you only want the best for them, from superior care services to experienced caregivers. But one of your top priorities should definitely be making sure your senior is staying safe in their own home. This includes reducing their risk of falling and injury. Thankfully, you can take several steps to help reduce your senior’s risk of a fall!

  1. Know Their Risk Factors. Start by having your senior visit with their doctor to determine any existing conditions, such as vision impairment, arthritis, or memory loss.
  2. Help Them Exercise. Regular exercise works wonders! A doctor can recommend the right exercises to build both muscle strength and endurance.
  3. Check for Issues with Balance. Falls can occur due to disorders of the vestibular system, which can cause imbalance. Doctors can perform balance tests to pinpoint any issues.
  4. Get a Home Inspection. You can get a fall-specific home inspection! Get their home inspected by a professional to ensure it is safe from fall hazards.
  5. Review Their Medications. Some medications can cause side effects if they are combined. It is best to have a doctor review a full list of your senior’s medications.
  6. Get Their Vision Checked Regularly. Keep your senior’s vision in check with eye exams and vision tests so you can be sure they have clarity of their surroundings!
  7. Give Them Proper Nutrition. Muscle and bone strength can be improved when receiving the necessary nutrients from a good diet.
  8. Use Walking Aids. Walking aids, like canes and walkers, are helpful when used properly and fitted to your senior correctly.
  9. Avoid Distracted Walking. Limit distractions, like walking with a smart phone in hand, to keep your senior aware of their surroundings.
  10. Home Care Services. You can add home care services for your senior for a greater peace of mind. Our caregivers help to keep your senior safe in their own home.

Would you like more advice on keeping your senior safe? Reach out to our expert caregivers at Home Care Assistance of Knoxville and the surrounding area for your consultation today.

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