Top Ways Music Can Help Seniors in Home Care

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After hearing thousands of different songs from a variety of artists over the years, it can be easy for the average person to take music for granted. But for seniors in home care, music can be considered a medicine of the mind in the form of music therapy! This is particularly true for seniors struggling with memory loss or cognitive ability. There are quite a few health benefits associated with music therapy for seniors, and we’re talking through them all below. 

Decreased Pain from Chronic Illness

To begin, let’s discuss the physical health benefits of music therapy. While music offers many benefits for the mind, there are just as many for the body. In fact, research has found there to be a positive correlation between physical exercise and listening to music. When seniors listen to music while getting in a workout, they are more likely to exercise a little harder and/or for longer lengths of time. And, as is widely known, physical activity leads to better physical health and longevity!

What experts can also conclude is that listening to music can improve immune function too, along with decreasing pain commonly associated with chronic illnesses. Physical activity and music both help to reduce the amount of stress hormones a senior’s body produces. Thus, the more physical exercise a senior gets, the less likely they are to become stressed out, boosting their immune function.

Stimulates the Brain and Improves Mood

Mental stimulation is arguably the most important way music can help seniors in home care. That’s because a senior’s brain will truly respond to therapeutic music. 

How? You can think of music therapy as a complete workout for a senior’s brain. By listening to and playing music, our seniors are improving their quality of sleep, mood, mental alertness, and memory. 

When seniors listen to music, their bodies stimulate hits of dopamine which then form a positive emotion in the rewards center of their brain causing senses of joy and elation. These feelings of joy actually work to reduce stress and anxiety! By listening to music, seniors can prevent a rise in heart rate and blood pressure while decreasing levels of cortisol. Goodbye, stress!

We feel it is also worth discussing that music just generally makes seniors feel happier. Music therapy will help encourage social interaction, calming the nerves, and relieving boredom for seniors. These are all factors that keep feelings like isolation, loneliness, and depression away.

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