Ways to Communicate with a Senior Loved One Who Has Hearing Loss

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If you have a senior in home care who is struggling with hearing loss, we understand how difficult this can be when you’re trying to communicate with one another. But we want to help you talk with your senior as best as you can! Read through our advice below and learn how you can begin easily facilitating the conversations. 

Get Their Attention First

Don’t just rush into conversation with your senior. Try to politely get their attention first! Try these methods to grab their focus: 

  • Gently tapping them on their shoulder
  • Waving your hands calmly within their line of sight
  • Stepping in front of them so they can see you

Keep Noise Levels to a Minimum

Turning off music and television along with steering clear of other people’s conversations will help you eliminate common background noise while you’re trying to communicate with your senior. If you’re going out in public, be sure to choose a calmer, quieter place with few distractions.

Take Turns Speaking

Before you get a group together to visit with your senior, make sure everyone knows to take turns while speaking. This will help to avoid any confusion or frustration for your senior if multiple people were to speak all at once. It is also best for the group to avoid any side conversations while your senior is trying to listen.

Talk Loudly, Slowly and Clearly

It’s time to try practicing some new methods of conversation with your senior. Work on enunciating your words as much as possible. Practice talking slowly, so your senior has an easy time keeping up with what you’re saying. Lastly, begin talking a little louder to adjust with your senior’s hearing loss.

Repeat and Rephrase

Try not to get frustrated if your senior doesn’t understand something you said the first time around. You may just need to repeat yourself! As you repeat what you said, use the same words and phrasing as you did initially. If your senior is still having trouble after that, try to rephrase or simplify your statement or question.

While this can be a difficult time for you trying to communicate, remember that this is also a challenge for your senior. Just try and be patient and listen to them as much as you can. For more advice on communicating with a senior with hearing loss, or more information on our home care services, give Home Care Assistance a call.

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