Ways to Make Your Home More Accessible for an Elderly Loved One

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Do you have an elderly loved one living with you in your home? If so, then we know you do everything possible to keep them safe and comfortable in your care!

Sometimes our homes, while perfect for our own families, can present accessibility challenges for our seniors. But fortunately, there are several home improvements you can do to make your home easily accessible in order to keep your senior feeling comfy and secure! Let’s take a look at some below, room by room.

The Exterior

We start by considering the outside of the home – the entryway. The easiest way for seniors to enter and leave the home is with a no-step entryway! This means that from the sidewalk, to the driveway, to the door of the home, there are no steps. No steps are ideal for seniors in wheelchairs or with mobility issues.

The Bathroom

The bathroom can present some challenges with the shower and toilet. This room is important for safety since your senior will spend a lot of time there. To make it easier for your senior to get up from the toilet, or to get in and out of the shower, install grab bars or handles. You can also consider installing a roll-in shower that is easier to walk into, or you can add a chair for sitting to a shower that has enough from for one.

The Bedroom

Your senior should also feel at ease in their bedroom, and this starts by leaving plenty of open space so that the room is easily maneuverable. Change traditional flip switches to roller light switches. These can be easier for your senior to handle. In areas like the closet, make sure shelving units are easily reachable.

The Kitchen

Get your kitchen ready for senior care with a few easy installations. We recommend using countertops of varying heights and adding in low cooking surfaces – both of these will help save your senior from back pain. Any mounted appliances should be kept at a reachable height.

For further guidance on making your home more senior-accessible for your loved one, please reach out to experts at Home Care Assistance who are here to help. We are ready to schedule your consultation!

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