Where to Get Home Medical Equipment Seniors Need

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When it comes to aging, home care provides seniors with the ultimate benefit of aging with dignity and surrounded by familiarity whether in the comfort of their own home or a loved one’s home. However, this home may need just a few updates for your senior’s safety and comfort.

The aging process presents new challenges, and you may find that your senior needs various medical equipment throughout the home to keep them safe, improve their mobility, or to make daily tasks easier. Knowing what kind of equipment your senior will need and where you can find it is the first step to a senior-friendly home.

Medical Equipment Examples

If one of your goals is to make the home more accessible for your senior, or to help simplify daily tasks and function, then it’s a great idea to place some medical equipment throughout the home. In the bathroom, for example, you can add grab bars in the shower and above the toilet. These will assist your senior in raising, lowering, and stabilizing themselves.

You can also consider keeping a portable toilet in a more accessible location for your senior. For seniors who struggle with mobility, other types of medical equipment can be used to make getting around easier. Walkers and canes can be kept on-hand or nearby to assist your senior walking.

Where to Find Medical Equipment

Go Through Insurance

The easiest option for purchasing medical equipment is to go through your senior’s insurance. Insurances like Medicare often cover the entire – or most of – the cost of the equipment with a provided doctor’s prescription for the items needed. But sometimes, an insurance company might not cover the cost, and that leaves patients to pay instead.

Buy Used Equipment

Fortunately, there are alternative options if you do have to pay out-of-pocket. Check with independent living centers and various retailers to see if they have listings for used equipment. Used medical equipment offers greater affordability. You may also find them at local second-hand stores or even on Facebook Marketplace.

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